What should Dads wear for family photos?

Whether you want to go casual with some light wash jeans and a short sleeve henley, or more dressy with a sport coat and a button down, there's options here that you can get on Amazon Prime! In general, I recommend pairing warmer neutrals together (i.e., khaki pants with an off-white sweater and tan shoes), and cooler neutrals together (i.e., grey sport coat with the light blue button down), but it's not necessarily a hard and fast rule, and you'll need to consider what the rest of the family is wearing too - all clients have access to a personal style consultation prior to their session and I definitely recommend taking advantage of this to ensure your portraits flow together well! I'll help you consider how your location, patterns, and tones of your outfits can all work together to create the images you envision for your session. At the end of the day, I want to create portraits that highlight your family connection, and in order to ensure your clothing doesn't distract from your connection, here's a few additional tips!

  1. I recommend avoiding bold + bright patterns for Dad (like a multicolor plaid dress shirt) - this can be distracting especially when dad is holding a baby/toddler
  2. Make sure Dad is comfortable - if he's not one to like dressing up, a more casual vibe may be best! We want everyone to feel like themselves, and this makes for more comfortable + enjoyable portrait session
  3. If he prefers to dress up, go for it! But be sure the rest of the family compliments the more formal attire he chooses
  4. For in-home sessions or beach sessions, skip the shoes - it looks more natural to be barefoot in these locations