4 Reasons Why It's Worth Taking Maternity Photos

As you anxiously await the arrival of your little love, you might be unsure about wanting to invest your time, emotional energy, and money in maternity portraits. Pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, isn't necessarily an enjoyable or comfortable season of life for some expectant moms, and that's okay! But as a Cocoa Beach Maternity Photographer (and mom of 3 myself), I can tell you that this is a season of life my clients never regret documenting. Here's 4 reasons why it's worth taking professional maternity photos.

Celebrate your pregnancy


Whether you tried for years to become pregnant or were able to conceive right away, whether this is your first or fourth baby, every pregnancy is worth celebrating! As you navigate first trimester fatigue and morning sickness all the way to third trimester discomfort and stretch marks, it can be easy to forget what an incredible, miraculous journey pregnancy really is. Taking maternity photos offers an opportunity to really soak in this fleeting phase of life.

Remember the anticipation


Pregnancy is a time of looking with hope toward the future. In the years to come, as you focus on raising your baby, you might forget what it felt like to be eagerly anticipating their arrival. Maternity photos can remind you of how really felt to be in this season of waiting. Most women only experience pregnancy a few times, so you won't regret having special portraits to look back on of this season.

Take time to bond before baby


Your maternity photo session gives you time to really soak in your partner and any older children you have before welcoming a new family member. These photos will serve as a beautiful reminder of your growth as a couple and your transition into parenthood. It's also a great excuse to go on a special date before baby's birth day - you're already dressed up and feeling your best, why not keep the good feeling going by having a nice dinner or dessert after your session!

Walk away with images worth displaying


You may have wedding portraits hanging up in your home, and if you've opted for professional newborn photos, having a maternity photo to go along with these two important milestones really completes the story of your growing family. Your pregnancy is definitely a journey that deserves a spot on your walls, just like your wedding day and newborn images!

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