Why newborn photography?

Oftentimes, families wonder if hiring a professional newborn photographer is worth it. After all, they just had a baby, are sleep deprived, and might not be feeling especially "camera ready." Also, newborn photos are a significant investment for families, so they want to know if it is really worth their hard earned money. If you value artwork and want custom professional photography documenting this special time in your lives, the answer is a resounding "yes!" The newborn stage is so fleeting and if you envision your tiny baby's features adorning your walls or in an album available at any time to flip though and reminisce, hiring a professional is definitely worth the effort. I highly recommend researching and reaching out to your preferred photographer sometime in your second trimester, so you can ensure they're a good fit for your family, and to have everything set and ready and alleviate your mental load postpartum.

When should newborn photos be taken?

Newborns change fast. I have a whole post outlining my favorite timeframe for scheduling newborn photos (typically at 5-15 days old), as well as possible exceptions to this timeframe here.

Where to take newborn photos

This is really a personal preference to each family - I love capturing babies right at home or at their place of birth, but you could also opt for an outdoor newborn session if the weather is favorable or a studio newborn session. I've found that families with other children, especially toddlers, to really well with an in-home newborn session. It's where toddlers are most comfortable and it's super easy to take a quick snack break, have access to outfit changes if needed, and their own space to settle down if they need a moment with their feelings!