A Birth + Fresh 48 Photo Story

We welcomed our surprise gender baby this week and we are settling in as a family of 5! Sweet Zelie joined us a few weeks before her due date and is just the most content little baby so far. I was induced for IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) due to a marginal cord insertion - she is a tiny little 5 lb 12 oz, and we are so glad she is doing so well and got to come home with us so soon! The newborn stage is always demanding but, goodness, have I missed all the baby snuggles that come with it! Here is a little birth + fresh 48 photo story - I always love seeing them so I hope you enjoy! I handed the camera to my husband so I could get in the frame too, and I'm so proud of him - didn't he capture some great moments?! I'll just be over here smelling my newborn's head and taking allll the photos of her and my 2 older kiddos for the next few weeks. My 2 year old is just the PROUDEST big sister, always wanting to hold the baby, and my 4 year old has been enjoying showing his newest little sister all his artwork and toys and giving her tours of the house. :) I will be making her newborn keepsake film soon, so keep an eye out for that!