Make postpartum a little easier -

We think a lot about what to bring for baby and what we'll need for laboring in the hospital, but often postpartum items get overlooked. These 5 additions to your hospital bag will offer a bit of comfort + jumpstart recovery during those first days postpartum.

  1. After Ease Herbal Tincture - This liquid supplement can be added to water to help with after birth contractions - which often get more intense with each pregnancy. I was so glad to have this in the hospital after having my third baby and I sipped on it while nursing to help ease the intensity of cramping.
  2. Silk Hair Scrunchies -You'll probably feel like your body is a bit foreign, run down, or just plain uncomfortable during those first days postpartum - having something a little luxurious and practical like a silk hair scrunchie can help you feel a bit more like yourself.
  3. Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter - Hands down, the best nursing salve I have found and used with all 3 babies. I use this as a super hydrating lip balm and gentle diaper cream too!
  4. Majka Recovery Bites - Having snacks on hand in the hospital is essential after giving birth! Sure, the hospital usually has some fruit or granola bars on hand for in-between meals, but that can get boring quick when you are snacking so often. Plus, pregnancy depletes so many nutrients and then if you go on to breastfeed, it can be even more hard to catch up. These replenishing bites help can jumpstart repleting nutrients and they are so delicious.
  5. Postnatal Vitamins - Again, start get those nutrients back! This can make all the difference in starting to feel more like yourself postpartum.

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