Prepping your home for your space coast newborn session - a few key reminders:

First of all, you just had a baby - all of these tips are meant to be shared with Dad, Grandma, older siblings, or whoever is helping you during these first days postpartum! Now that we've cleared that up, here's a few tips from your photographer on ways to prep your space so your session runs smoothly:

  1. Open the blinds and turn off the lights - Mixed lighting is not your friend during a photo session - different temperatures of light from different light sources (i.e., window light, lamps, and overhead lights) read differently on camera, so we stick with window light only (and my professional travel lighting if needed). So go ahead and turn off all your overhead lights and lamps before your session, and then it's one less thing we have to think about!
  2. Feed baby - We will have lots of time to change and feed baby during your session if needed, so don't stress about this! But it usually helps if baby has a nice full feed and good, solid burp shortly before your session time, that way they are comfortable and likely sleepy. Note: lifestyle newborn sessions do not require baby to be asleep! Awake babies are totally okay, normal, and nothing to be concerned with. We are capturing your relationship as a new family with this tiny new person, so whether they are awake or asleep is not super important. We want them comfortable most of all.
  3. Make the beds - Sure, this might not be top of your to-do list most days postpartum, but on session day, be sure to have someone make the beds and change the crib sheet so we have a fresh canvas for lifestyle portraits in your baby's new environment.
  4. Clear clutter - Your home does not need to be super tidy and clean on session day (you've got a newborn after all!), but having someone walk around with a laundry basket and tossing in clutter like any out of place shoes, clothes, toys, etc., can allow us to use your space in the best way for portraits. Nightstands are a common one with all those postpartum and nursing items on them, so just pop them in a drawer or basket temporarily. A good rule of thumb is if you don't want it in the background of your images, move it someone out of sight (I can assist with spotting these things as well).

And that's really it! Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out before your session to chat about which rooms you're envisioning, what the light looks like, etc. Consultation calls are always complimentary with your session so don't be afraid to take advantage of this resource!