3 favorite baby items

from a mom of 3 + newborn photographer

If I could only choose 3 baby items to get through those magical, exhausting, fleeting, newborn days, it would be these - they make mom's life easier (hello sleep deprivation + healing from birth, anything to make life easier during this transition is a win in my book!), and keep baby comfortable during that sensitive fourth trimester while they adjust to the world around them.

A must for those middle of the night changes (and really all the frequent changing that newborns need!), we love these from MakeMake Organics that have fold over feet + hands to keep baby cozy while still allowing them explore their feet and hands and receive important sensory input when they aren't sleeping. It also allows baby to get more wear out of them as they grow, since the feet fold over you aren't confined by the length. These ones are really thick and luxurious feeling 100% organic cotton; we found these for our 3rd baby and I wish I had them with my other 2!

We've used these wraps with all three of our babies - I joke that my kids live in them until about 4 months old! It's a great way to be able to have baby sleep on your chest comfortably while you rest on the couch watching your favorite show (one of my favorite ways to relax + recover after having a baby!), while still being able to get up and use the bathroom or walk around if you want with minimal disturbance to baby. It's also a great way to let Dad bond with baby since they spend so much time with mom, especially when nursing.

Again, an item we have used with all three of our babies (and they use it throughout toddlerhood too). It uses an actual physical fan inside to create natural, soothing white noise that's so much more calming than the digital white noise you can play on your phone or home speakers. It's a lifesaver when you can't get your newborn to settle down if they are overtired or overstimulated at the end of the day - a dark room, mama's arms, and a sound machine usually settles them right back down. Plus, it helps them transition through sleep cycles more easily.

At the end of the day, newborns really don't need a lot of "stuff" (cuddles + milk + diapers are really the only necessities!) but these 3 items definitely have helped make the newborn days a bit more comfortable for our family!

Space Coast Baby photographer - mom and dad holding baby on bed portrait
Carly matthews photo and film

Carly is a newborn + family photographer and filmmaker located on Florida's Space Coast, specializing in all things motherhood including newborn, fresh 48, maternity, + family sessions. Published in Inspired Magazine and The Motherhood Anthology, Carly aspires to capture timeless, organic images for her clients to cherish, print, and pass down for generations. Learn more here.