Trying a new (old) medium | Analog Film Photography

As a professional photographer of 4 years now, I found myself documenting my own family less and less, because I always have a queue of client photos to cull and edit waiting for me (which is amazing, and I love editing client photos - but that means personal projects often go to the back burner).

One year ago I picked up a film camera (a Canon EOS 630 35mm) and decided to document my family with this new (old) medium and I just love everything about it. The intentionality, the colors, the waiting, the grain…and these everyday moments of my family that may have otherwise gone undocumented. Throughout the year I tried 7 different film stocks (4 color and 3 black and white stocks), and 2 different formats (35mm and medium format on my Pentax 645nii). It was such a learning experience working with my film lab to troubleshoot my scans and figure out how to achieve the look I envisioned for my final images. PhotoVision was so patient with me answering all my questions throughout the year, and I am so thrilled with the final results!

Sure, it’s a lot of kids eating snacks and being silly, but it’s also Christmas morning, our first trip to a new beach, and my daughter going from one to two years old. Our life, and images I’ll cherish forever. Now to design and print an album for my family!

Technical info for my fellow photography lovers:

Camera bodies + lenses:

Pentax 645nii with 75mm lens

Canon EOS630 with various modern EF mount lenses (mostly my Tamron 35mm 1.4 and Canon 85mm 1.8) I specifically bought this 35mm body so I could use my EF mount lenses with it.

Film Stocks:

Color films used: Kodak Portra 800, Portra 400, Gold 200, and Fuji 400H (I like them all for different uses/tones, but overall Portra 400 is a really solid all-use portrait stock)

B&W films used: Ilford Delta 3200 (my personal favorite), Delta 100, and HP5

Film Labs:

I used PhotoVision for the majority of my scans throughout the year (and love them!). I also sent a couple rolls to Rewind. I'm going to try out Indie film lab as well.

Gold 200 shot on Pentax 645nii scanned by PhotoVision


Portra 800 shot on Canon EOS630 scanned by PhotoVision


Delta 100 shot on Canon EOS630 scanned by PhotoVision


Fuji 400H shot on Pentax 645nii scanned by PhotoVision