Q & A with a Doula

I got to chat with Christy Lyn, a local birth & postpartum doula here on the Space Coast, about birth, postpartum, and what she wants new parents to know!

Tell us a little about yourself & how long you've been a doula?

My name is Christy Lyn and I’ve been supporting families as a doula for 9 years. I started off as a

postpartum doula and later became a certified birth doula. Birth matters, and I believe the way a child is

brought into the world has an impact on the rest of life. Helping with that transition is an honor. I

educate parents so they can make informed decisions during pregnancy and their birthing time. My goal

is to help make the birthing experience positive and memorable. It brings me joy when new moms feel

empowered and a have sense of satisfaction after they give birth.

What do you wish more moms knew about labor + birth?

I wish more expectant moms knew they should hire a midwife or obstetrician that lines up with their

medical needs as well as their emotional needs. You ought to feel comfortable and confident with your

medical provider. It’s a vulnerable time in a woman’s life; parents should feel respected and supported

during prenatal visits.

If you could offer one piece of advice for a first time mom who is nervous about giving birth, what would it be?

First time parents should focus on educating themselves. Fear sometimes comes from lack of

information. Take child birth education classes and read books on pregnancy and childbirth - if you don’t

have time to read, try listening to audiobooks or watch videos. Arm yourself with information so that

you can greet your birthing day with confidence.

Can you use a doula if you are planning to have an epidural?

You can absolutely use a doula if you’re planning to have an epidural. Typically, women must stay in

their hospital bed if they decide to opt for epidural anesthesia. A doula can use a peanut ball to help the

pelvis remain open and aligned. Your doula can also provide comfort measures and if necessary, assist

with pushing.

What are some of your favorite resources on the Space Coast for new moms?

I have found the Space Coast to be family friendly and there is an abundance of resources for new

parents online and in person. It’s important to find those resources during pregnancy so that you have it

available once baby arrives. There are several local social media groups that meet in person. Breastfeeding groups are my favorite. There are also a few mommy and me indoor type play places for the littles. "Badass Breastfeeders" is a local Facebook group where you can ask other experienced moms questions about breastfeeding. Mom’s Club at Cape Canaveral Hospital meets weekly. A lactation consultant and a WIC representative lead the group meetings. As your little one gets older, Melbourne Kids Village is an indoor play facility where your littles can meet new friends.

You can find Christy on her website here, and as a member of the Space Coast Doulas here.

Additional Resources for New & Expectant Parents on the Space Coast

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Christie Chiropractic - Webster certified Chiropractor offering prenatal, postnatal, and infant chiropractic care (our family has had the pleasure of using Dr. Christie's office for years & couldn't recommend her office highly enough!)

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Viera Pediatric Dentistry - Dr. Patel is well known locally for her excellent care for babies with lip or young ties that may impede feeding

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